Meet The Competitors: Tony Lee and Artem Yasinskyy

Where in the world are you now? How have you been using this time while not performing and staying at home? Tony: I’ve been back in Sydney for a few months now and strangely enough, this has been the longest period of time I’ve been home in years.

Nature in Music: From Tree to Piano

By Ara Vartoukian OAM | Director & Concert Technician | Theme & Variations Piano Services   Walking through the forest and looking at the wood is the first step in the long journey from tree to piano.

Meet Conductor Nicholas Milton

Many Sydney-siders will know Dr Nicholas Milton as the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Choir – a position he has held since 2001.

Meet Jury Member Olga Kern

Like her stage persona, Olga Kern’s career sparkles with incredible competition wins and performances with international orchestras and artists.

Meet The Competitors: Wenting Shi and Kevin Chow

How are you using this time of social distancing and venue lockdowns? Taken up anything new? Learning new works? Kevin Chow: I have been using this extra time to learn new repertoire such as various works of Bach and Prokofiev.

Meet the 32 | Anna Geniushene and Lucas Thomazinho

Anna Geniushene and Lucas Thomazinho hail from opposite ends of the world – Anna from Moscow in Russia and Lucas from São Paulo in Brazil.

Meet Jury Member Xiaohan Wang

Our jury member Xiaohan Wang certainly knows the meaning of endurance, perseverance and the sense accomplishment as their reward.