2nd – 18th July 2021

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Preliminary Rounds Competitor Playing Order And Club 32 Donor

Round 1

Maxim Kinasov supported by Silvana d’Iapico.

Alexandra Pavlova  supported by Judy Hunt and Hugh Hallard.

Round 2

Timur Mustakimov supported by Martin and Susie Dickson.

Alexander Gadjiev  supported by Anthony and Suzanne Maple-Brown.

Round 3

Anna Geniushene  supported by Greeba Pritchard and Robert Mitchell

Ziyu Liu supported by Brian Abel and Mark Manton.

Round 4

Ke Ma supported by Angela Raymond and Carole Roussel

Shion Ota supported by Sandy Watson.

Round 5

Aleksandr Kliuchko supported by The Hon Bronwyn Bishop AO.

Maxwell Foster supported by Ross Blackmore in memory of Denise Blackmore.

Round 6

Rustam Muradov supported by Bunny Gardiner-Hill.

Alexander Malikov supported by A/Prof Michael Stubbs in celebration of Australian pianist Ruth Gerald. 

Round 7

Tamila Salimdjanova  supported by an anonymous donor.

Adam Balogh supported by Martin and Susie Dickson.

Round 8

Kyoungsun Park supported by David and Ida Constable.

Ziang Xu supported Tom Breen and Rachael Kohn.

Round 9

Dinara Klinton supported by Helen Meddings.

Akihiro Sakiya supported by Jennifer Harris.

Round 10

Dawen Li supported by an anonymous donor.

Calvin Abdiel supported by Brennan Lynch Foundation Fund.

Round 11

Yangrui Cai supported by Robert and Jennifer Ravens.

Kevin Chow supported by donor Richard Cobden SC.

Round 12

Junlin Wu supported by Donald and Kate Magarey.

Philipp Lynov supported by Rob Thomas AO and Sam Meers AO.

Round 13

Dominic Chamot supported by donor Philip Bacon AM.

Siqian Li supported by Rhondda and Ron McCallum.

Round 14

Yu Nitahara supported by Jane McCallum.

Artem Yasynskyy supported by Lyndall McCormack.

Round 15

Alice Burla supported by Mick McCormack.

Dmitry Sin supported by Elizabeth Clark and Diana McVeagh.

Round 16

Antonii Baryshevskyi supported by Dr Di Bresciani OAM.

Se-Hyeong Yoo supported by Jan MacDonald and Janice Tuynamn.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Preliminary Rounds: Fri 2–Fri 9 July | Events 1-16.
    In each session will be two competitors presenting a 40-minute recital. Semi Finalists announced in Event 16.
  • Semi Finals: Sat 10–Thu 15 July | Events 16-22.
    In each session will be 2 of the 12 semi-finalists presenting a 50-minute recital. Finalists announced in Event 22.
  • Finals: Fri 16–Sun 18 July | Events 23-28.
    In each session will be 1 of the 6 finalists presenting an 80-minute recital.
  • The Winners and Prizes will be announced in Session 29 on Sunday 18 July.

The Sydney proudly stands among the greatest piano competitions of the world. In 2021, the competition will happen – still with 32 incredibly talented young competitors from around the world, still with career-changing prizes and opportunities, and still with thrilling, rigorous competitive rounds – but now online.  

The uncertainties of the ongoing global pandemic into 2021 and the mandatory safety restrictions on public gatherings, travel and international borders have all made it impossible to proceed with any certainty in planning a live competition in July.

With the enthusiastic support of our competitors, Artistic Director Piers Lane AO, jury members and generous donors, we will now hold the first-ever Sydney International Online Piano Competition from 2–18 July 2021.

This will consist of 29 pre-recorded online sessions. These will be broadcast over three weeks (just like the usual competition).

Your digital season pass gives you access to all broadcast sessions. The season pass will give you unlimited access to watch the first broadcast or multiple times ‘on demand’ for up to three months after the end of the final broadcast on 18 July 2021. A season pass is valid for one log in at any one time on any device. If you wish to watch at the same time on multiple devices you will need to purchase additional season passes. If you have any questions please email us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Email us here.

Yes, we are looking toward 2023 as the earliest we can resume a live competition.

The current restrictions on audience numbers and the ongoing uncertain outlook of the global pandemic’s effect on travel for our competitors and juries made it impossible to plan and financially unviable to hold a live competition in 2021.

Under the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice, as the competition has been cancelled by us you are entitled to receive your ticket price and booking fees refunded in full. However, we ask that you consider these options.

Use your refund towards purchasing a season pass to the 2021 Online Competition

  • If you are a current Friend of the Sydney International Piano Competition you can purchase a full season pass for $315 – includes a 30% discount on general public prices.
  • Full season passes for non-Friends members are $350 – including a 20% discount on single webisode passes.
  • After purchasing your season pass to the Online Competition, you may also donate the balance of your refund to The Sydney’s Revive & Renewal Fund and receive a tax-deduction receipt for the amount.

Donate your refund

As you could imagine, cancelling the competition will mean a significant financial blow to The Sydney. You may wish to consider donating all or part of your refund to our Champion Fund to help sustain us in 2021 and beyond in our mission to support talented young musicians. We would provide you with a tax deductible receipt for the face value of your tickets. Call us on (02) 9241 3291 or email miranda@thesydney.com.au to make your wishes known.

If you buy or transfer to a season pass or single session passes to the 2021 Online Competition but you change your mind or don’t watch the event/s, you are not entitled to a refund or part refund under the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice. We will respond and adhere to any changes and special amendments made by Live Performance Australian to the Ticketing Code of Practice as a result of COVID-19.

You will find a helpful step-by-step guide on how to access all the sessions as they occur and other sessions on-demand on this website during the Online Competition in July 2021.

The best way you can help us is to buy a season pass and/or single passes– and encourage your friends to as well. Your loyal support would be very encouraging for the amazing young competitors.

You may also consider donating all, part-of, or the balance of your 2020 refund after you buy a season pass to the Online Competition. Every donation to our Champions Fund however big or small, will help sustain our organisation through 2021 and towards live competitions in the future. Only with your support and generosity can this 43-year-old, globally respected Australian institution survive. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for the face value of your tickets or amount donated. Call us on (02) 9241 3291 or email miranda@thesydney.com.au to make your wishes known.