Club 32

In the 12th Sydney International Piano Competition, 32 young musicians will compete for the accolade of first prize. We invite you to join an exclusive group, Club 32, providing crucial financial support for these incredibly talented young pianists as they vie for this coveted award.

From the expected hundreds of applications, only 32 competitors will travel to Sydney, be provided with accommodation, practice spaces, transport, living and travel allowances and of course our wonderful hospitality and support. These young artists will be the most accomplished and talented musicians from across the globe. The Sydney is a not for profit charity, receiving minimal government funding, and therefore relies on the generosity of private philanthropists and corporates to ensure these 32 young musicians have the best competitive platform to excel and achieve their dreams in Sydney.

As a patron of Club 32 you will invaluably support one of the competitors in The Sydney. An international selection panel will determine the 32 competitors in February 2020 and Club 32 patrons will be the first to hear the names and also receive a short biography of each competitor.

Join us for a special function ahead of the competition, where you will find out which competitor will have your support during the Competition. At this event the playing order of the competitors will be drawn, as will the name of their Club 32 patron for The Sydney. Your support will be acknowledged with the name of the competitor in the official program guide, online and throughout the Competition. During the Competition meet your competitor face to face at a private reception along with other hosted events over the three weeks of competition. Perhaps it will be your competitor who is crowned the grand first prize winner?

Club 32 will provide a life changing opportunity for a young artist, a wonderful opportunity for you to support the champions of the future at this critical step in their career and to support The Sydney.

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The Sydney 2016 competitors Photo Daniel Boud

To discuss a donation or how a partnership with Sydney International Piano Competition could benefit you or your organisation, please contact: Philanthropy and Development Director Miranda Davis on +61 2 9241 3291 or by email.